The Itsekiris are an ethnic group of Nigeria’s Niger Delta area, Delta State. The Itsekiri presently number under a million people and live mainly in the Warri North, Warri South and Warri South West local government area of Delta State, on the Atlantic Coast of Nigeria. Significant communities of Itsekiris can be found in parts of Edo and Ondo states and in various other Nigerian cities including Lagos, Sapele and Port-Harcourt. Many people of Itsekiri descent also reside in the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada.

The Itsekiri kingdom is a monarchy that has run for over 500 years, dating back to the 1480s. 

Ogiame Atuwatse III is the present Olu of Warri Kingdom and the 21st Olu of Warri Kingdom to ascend the throne. He was crowned on the 21st of August, 2021 upon the demise of Ogiame Ikenwoli who reigned from 12th December 2015 to 21st December 2020. Ogiame Atuwatse III is the first son of Ogiame Atuwatse II who reigned between May 1987 to 2015. 

The Itsekiris are a beautiful and industrous people with a rich heritage which we are very proud of.

Traditionally, the Itsekiris are predominantly fishermen, living in the riverine areas of the Niger Delta in Nigeria. The Warri Kingdom is a key centre of Nigeria’s crude oil and natural gas production and petroleum refining and the main town Warri (a multi-ethnic metropolis) forms the industrial and commercial nucleus of the Delta State. The modern day Itsekiris are mainly Christian (Protestant and Roman Catholic) by religion.

Our Past Rulers

Dec 2015 – May 2021 | 20th | Ikenwoli I A. K. A Godfery ikenwoli Emiko 

May 1987 – Sept 2015 | 19th | Atuwatse II A.K.A Godwin Toritseju Emiko 

Mar 1951 – Dec 1986 | 18th | Erejuwa II A.K.A Wilson Ayoronmitsi Gbesimi Emiko 

Feb 1936 – Jan 1949 | 17th | Ginuwa II A.K.A Emiko Ikengbuwa 

1808 – 1849 | 16th | Akengbuwa I A.K.A Eyeolusan Joao 

1760 – 1795 | 15th | Erejuwa I A.K.A Sabastian Manuel Octobia  

1734 – 1760 | 14th | Atogbuwa I A.K.A Manuel Octobia  

1730 – 1732 | 13th | Akengboye I A.K.A Agostino Sabastiao Octobia  

18th Century | 12th | Omagboye I  

1675-1709 | 11th | Akenjoye I A.K.A Ludivico Domingo  

17th century | 10th | Abejoye I A.K.A Matias  

17th century | 9th | Omoluyere I  

1643-1653 | 8th | Oyenakpara I A.K.A Obanighenren Don Antonio Domingo 

1625-1643 | 7th | Atuwatse I A.K.A Oyeomasan Don Domingo 

1570- 1620 AD | 6th | Atorongboye I A.K.A. Sabastian 

16th century | 5th | Esigie I  

16th century | 4th | Ojoluwa I  

16th century | 3rd | Irame I  

16th century | 2nd | Ogbowuru I  

1480- 16th century | 1st | Ginuwa I