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About IAC Calgary

Itsekiri Association of Calgary (IAC) is a cultural association of Oma Iweres in Calgary, Canada. It is a non-profit community organization inaugurated for the promotion of the Itsekiri culture, values, language, and heritage among Itsekiris in Calgary/Canada, and a forum for networking.

Our History

The Itsekiris are an ethnic group of Nigeria’s Niger Delta area, Delta State. The Itsekiri presently number under a million people and live mainly in the Warri North, Warri South and Warri South West local government area of Delta State, on the Atlantic Coast of Nigeria. Significant communities of Itsekiris can be found in parts of Edo and Ondo states and in various other Nigerian cities including Lagos, Sapele and Port-Harcourt.

The Itsekiris are a beautiful and industrous people with a rich heritage which we are very proud of.

Our Beautiful People

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